Port City's Hip-Hop Experience

Temple5, is a collective of 7 core members who started making music in July 2013. They have completed two collaborative, self made EP's, Strategic Arrival: The Statement and The Bap Is Eternal: The Argument in one year. The members include Keith Butler Jr. (Drums), Sean Howard (Bass), Cameron Tinklenberg (Keyboards), Michael Buckley (Guitar), AJ Reynolds (Saxophone), Aaron Lane (Trumpet), and Louis. (MC).

The band itself does not just create music solely for the purpose of spreading their name; Temple5 thrives off of building a community in Wilmington, NC and spreading positive Hip-Hop culture across the state. The band uses the voice of their frontman Louis. who had the honor of performing with the Eric Harland, Walter Smith III, Chris Turner and many more Eric Harland’s  Voyager album release, “Vipassana” at the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan, New York City on September 2nd this year to execute this goal. In addition to collaborating with local MC's and singers around NC and beyond. Temple5 functions as a live band for any artist looking to throw an event for themselves, also including work as producers for the artists they are collaborating with. It's Temple5's mission to provide a space for promotion, portfolio building, and a home for other artists to continuously make good music.

The music Temple5 makes is not only infectious, it's positive in nature. It challenges the listener to ask questions about the world around them, and what can be done to solve these issues. Keeping true to the soul of hip-hop the goal is to, uplift and celebrate success in life, live with integrity through adversity, and speak out against the forces that keep negativity in our lives.   


Now listen up. We've got something you ain’t heard before.